Lotus Elise 2016 Redesign


Lotus Elise 2016 was first time promoted long time ago on 2010. Paris Motor Show. The following Lotus Elise in 2016.

Lotus Elise 2016 1

Lotus Elise 2016 design will be largely influenced by familiar Toyota line. 2015 Lotus Elise has kind of a fish-like shape, which makes it sporty and aerodynamic and probably adds up a lot on roadster’s speed.

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Lotus Elise 2016 interior

Interior of this car will look very futuristic. Lotus Elise will be a two seater with racy steering wheel and black leather upholstery. Whole cabin will be made in predominately black tone with some yellow and silver details.

Lotus Elise includes a really futuristic inside. Every component is extremely contemporary along with supplies which goes in order to these days. It is almost always a mix of sheet, leather-based, co2 dietary fiber as well as light weight aluminum. Chairs within style as well as framework maintain securely the actual car owner in position. They’re reduced situated and also have your body brackets upon just about all attributes. The actual armrests about the doorways are constructed with light weight aluminum as well as includes the actual multifunctional switch which works all of the required procedures.

Lotus Elise 2016 3

The middle system is very uncommon however simultaneously easy. It’s very properly created as well as nicely prepared. The actual log cabin has an excellent Alpine sound system along with four loudspeakers, satellite television stereo, COMPACT DISC participant, and so on. Home windows as well as decorative mirrors tend to be modified in electronic format as the controls offers 3 hands as well as needed secrets. Other gear may be modified one particular vehicle.

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Lotus Elise 2016 Engine and Price

Under the hood Lotus Elise 2016 will have 2.0 litre inline 4 pressure charged engine, probably V-8, which will be mated to the new start-stop technology. This type of engine can pump up to 320 lb ft of torque and make new Elise reach top speed of 165 mph. Lotus Elise 2016 will reach from 0 to 60 mph in under then 4,5 seconds. It will have rear wheel drive , 6 speed manual transmission and will be available in hybrid technology.

Lotus Elise 2016 5

New Lotus Elise will start its production in the end of 2014 or on the beginning of 2015. We think it is going to hit the sales going around the end of spring 2015. Lotus Elise 2016 Price for this roadster will be around $60,000.

Lotus Elise 2016 6

Lotus Elise 2016 7


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