Jaguar XF 2016 Will be a mini Jaguar XJ


Jaguar XF 2016 will be a mini jaguar XJ and a big brother to the junior XE. Jaguar XF 2016 Caught out on test in the West Midlands for the first time, Here's an article about the Jaguar XF 2016.

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Jaguar XF 2016 shows the pace of change is unrelenting under Tata’s ownership. In order to reduce weight and improve performances, new Jaguar XF is using modern materials (such as aluminum) which is going to have great effect on car performances. New XF have such design in which exterior lines and overall shape looks both aggressive and elegance.

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Jaguar XF 2016 Exterior With new Design

If we are talking about exterior improvements for Jaguar XF 2016, we should start with new headlights appearance and, to fit all in one line, new grill which make this sedan one of the most wanted for 2016 year. Also, what you must take in mind when you are thinking about this car, is that this model is larger than previous.

In comes Jaguar’s latest aluminium architecture, proving that Coventry is intent on ramming home its advantage in alloy building. It now claims to make more Al cars than anyone else – including Audi.

Jaguar XF 2016 a result expect significant weight reductions compared to the current XF - up to 100kg is possible, giving it a fighting chance of out-handling the class-leading BMW 5 Series.

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Jaguar XF 2016 Interior and Engine

Jaguar XF 2016 Interior is going to follow trends set by exterior. New model will have completely redesign interior. The most upgrades will be in implemented technology within new car. Jaguar XF 2016 will implement many gadgets and new information systems. This will rise driving experience as well as safety level for all passengers within vehicle.

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As for engines Jaguar XF 2016 with a version of the F-Type’s 3.0-litre supercharged V6. However, the big-selling XFs will be fitted with new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines from Jaguar’s new Ingenium engine family, while a range-topping XF SVR will employ a supercharged 5.0-litre V8. Further down the track, we’re likely to see a new XF Sportbrake wagon and even a high-performance XF SVR to succeed the current XFR-S. The latter will likely stick with a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8, possibly with as much as 575 horsepower on tap.

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