Dodge Charger 2015 Sporty Look Family Car


Dodge charger 2015 is made into one sophisticated performance with emphasize on its sporty look. It leads comfort driving.

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Dodge Charger 2015 is designed for pleasure and challenge seeker in one pack. As one complete package, dodge gives you more than just driving experience. It let you see how you can find the best feeling of being comfort and proud taken in one time. It consists of five seats that made with chosen materials to bring out your family members sitting nicely in a prompt enjoyable scale. No more moment for crumple sitting, since you have enough for each. Dodge is born one masterpiece, which is truly eco-friendly.

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Dodge Charger 2015 Brawny Sedan Concept

Dodge comes with bad-boy look, dodge charger 2015 reborn as new in the 100th anniversary of Dodge. Within the sedan form car, 2015 dodge charger concept try to indulge driver with its attractive performance. Compiled with electrical power steering idea, let dodge charger 2015 breaks the wind speed. It is true, since it runs with Hemi V-8—370 horsepower Chrysler’s 5.7-liter and 395 lb-ft of torque that is specially put for R/T and R/T Road models & Track models.

Dodge charger 2015 use the engine scheme of 3.6-liter V-6 (292 horses, 260 lb-ft. In the ideas of Hemi and V-6, both are paired the transmission system, eight with automatic speed system of Chrysler. As the best, EPA is formulated into 31 mpg on the road within V-6 version. Its version nicely matched with all-wheel drive convenience. It saves much energy and fuel, since Charger can create automatically disconnect for the front axle while it is not used. Hence it may press five percent of fuel.

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Dodge Charger 2015 Interior: Stylish and Convenience

Dodge charger 2015 well known with coke-bottle idea dash which is made into one complete auto, stylish and comfortable. Interior redesign looked within its new seat settlement. Elegant soft-touch on the body, charger opt chic choice with leather upholstery material. It is adequate fascinating to have enjoyed sitting with relaxed deep-breath. More on, dodge creates one smart car ever which is fulfilled with some accused assistance.

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What makes it smart as well shown how charger 2015 is added with lane detection, keeping assistance on lane, emergency moderation, and also collision warning and absolute air bag avoid the risky crash. Happy to see dodge progress along hundred years cheering automotive industry. Dodge charger review has shown the finest dedication for perfection and high satisfaction made from Dodge. No limitation for creation has used by dodge within breaking idea beyond imagination. Before you will never think how being stylish and outstanding could be very hospitable, however, dodge charger 2015 is bad boy but family man-innovation.

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