2018 Aston Martin Rapide Review New Model


The new 2018 Aston Martin Rapide is the world’s most beautiful four-door sports car. Created with the finest ingredients, conceived with a unique vision, it combines sensational sports car performance and supreme refinement in one compelling form. Housed within the stunning waterfall fascia, AMi III seamlessly integrates audio, hands-free telephony and vehicle status technologies and places them at your fingertips to allow you to get the very most from the 2018 Aston Martin Rapide experience.

2018 Aston Martin Rapide view

2018 Aston Martin Rapide Design

An interior of exceptional quality means travelling in 2018 Aston Martin Rapide  is to travel in pure comfort. It’s a cabin clothed in the finest materials. Swathes of Bridge of Weir leather work in harmony with wood and carbon fibre detailing to create an environment where every detail has been specifically designed for luxury. Using the finest leathers, a vast array of  woods and other luxurious materials, each cabin is crafted by hand with passion and absolute precision.

2018 Aston Martin Rapide interior

For example, in an embroidered ‘AML’ logo there are over five thousand stitches applied to create the desired finish. 2018 Aston Martin Rapide  has space for four adults to be transported in a luxurious environment with the highest levels of refinement. Exterior styling is matched by interior materials worked by hand to achieve a finish never seen before on a four-door sports car.

2018 Aston Martin Rapide Engine Performance

2018 Aston Martin Rapide  includes the AM29 V12 engine. The most technologically advanced, most powerful Rapide engine we’ve ever built. Incredible figures tell the story.  A sprint time of only 4.2 secs, 630 Nm of torque and potent power of 552 bhp - an increase of more than 18% over the first generation Rapide. Touchtronic III sets high standards in performance and shift speed. With eight gears produced by four gear sets and five shift elements - always operating at their optimum level - you’ll experience exceptional shift quality and incredible acceleration.  552 bhp of power. Eight gears shifting in just 130 milliseconds. Rapide S has been specifically designed for a thrilling driving experience.

2018 Aston Martin Rapide engine

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