2016 Ford Focus RS Release Date


2016 Ford Focus RS

The third-generation, 2016 Ford Focus RS has moved into the next development stage, which come about four months after our spies snapped an early prototype of the new RS on public roads in Michigan – give us our best look yet at the blue oval’s upcoming flagship hot-hatch that’s set to launch in 2016.

Stripped-back camouflage reveals more of the 2016 Ford Focus RS new face, which features an aggressive version of the brand’s trapezoidal grille and gaping lower central and side air intakes.

2016 Ford Focus RS does not build a three-door version of its latest-generation Focus. New Focus is the aggressive look of the previous model appears to have carried over for the front section, and this is joined by chunky side sills, a large rear spoiler and a rear bumper integrating dual-exhaust tips and a diffuser. The next Focus RS, and it sounds like Ford is taking the fight straight to the Volkswagen Golf R.

2016 Ford Focus RS rumor

2016 Ford Focus RS Engine Rumor

The new 2016 Ford Focus RS rumor would feature the same 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine found in the Mustang, making around 330bhp. According to a Road & Track source, we weren’t far off. An insider has confirmed that that Mustang four-pot will indeed power the RS, with an expected output of up to 350bhp. It was never sold in the U.S., although some did make their way to Canada and Mexico, which is how Matt got to drive one in Texas.

2016 Ford Focus RS had us wondering how exactly Ford would mitigate the inevitable torque steer if the car remained front-wheel drive. Based on our experience with the current Focus ST, it seems Ford’s torque-steer-mitigation prowess may be maxed out. (The ST uses its stability-control program to brake individual front wheels when it senses torque steer; it sort of works. The last RS used RevoKnuckle, a special strut design, to stay out of ditches.) So it makes sense that Ford might call on an AWD setup to spread output to both ends of the car; we’re assuming that any additional weight of the driveline components will be offset by the additional power.

There have been some concerns that the 2016 Ford Focus RS may be too expensive for the market that they’re targeting it at, so they’re holding off on releasing it until the retail climate changes. It’s odd that Ford would hold off on releasing one of its best-selling cars to the United States, but if it doesn’t sell well here, then it might just be the right move.


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