2016 Acura TL Will be Elegant


2016 Acura TL

New 2016 Acura TL will come, this is a car patiently waiting by so many individuals. It will be the best car to buy. New 2016 Acura TL wil provide two front side chairs and back chairs are protected with sleek. Because the back chair is huge enough, can be billed 3 individuals. This car has four gates and it looks excellent. Ideal for external style will create this car look costly.

New 2016 Acura TL will be elegant. It can be seen from the body of the car, which shows particular textures and also good shape. Meanwhile, the previous version of Acura TL appears to be premium and exclusive car because it’s built from light materials. The weight reducing decision influences the movement of the car and also the fuel economy. And elegant design will not really be enough if it’s not supported with appropriate materials.

2016 Acura TL Interior and Engine Rumor

Moreover For interior 2016 Acura TL will be offered in several packages: Basic Package, Technology Package, Advance Package and Sport. Equipment provides high comfort and advanced technology solutions. On the list of equipment found are: a touch screen with a new infotainment system, navigation system, USB iPod / MP3 interface, audio system, seats with ventilation You will also discover Wireless and GPS in the car and more. For the safety of passengers are responsible: rearview camera, airbags, keyless access, blind-spot system, traction control system and sensors.

2016 Acura is progressed on this way and it has been successfully integrated into the 2016 Acura TL model. The hybrid was mated with 3.5-liter V6 engine and an electric motor which in the aggregate exempt 370 horsepower. Charging batteries is done very quickly and easily. In pure electric mode, the car can exceed more than 20 miles. The propulsion system will be mated with a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch.

New Power TL will be transmitted to all four wheels. Fuel consumption is lower compared to the previous model and can develop greater speed. Still no official information about the car and everything is based on rumors. 2016 Acura TL Price rumor for the basic package will be around $ 43,000.

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