2015 Ford F100: The Next Generation of Small Pickup


2015 Ford F100 is expected to become true on the market sale. This car it might be close to Ford F150 from its shape and technology to its prices.

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The 2015 Ford F100 is the next edition of Ford’s smaller truck. The latest concept truck of Ford is Atlas, and F100 its next production might come in quite bit smaller. Some review stated that the old F100 will not come again, but replaced by its new version, and it is F150 under company line up. Even though it is not officially confirmed yet, the prediction has been made that the next F100 slightly smaller than 2014 Ford F150.

2015 Ford F100: The Next Generation

The 2015 Ford F100 might come with the model that has narrower body and track from previous 2014 Ford F100 besides the F150. The new F100 possibly will be having ridden on five-lug wheels, different from F150 that use six-lug wheels. It is indication that the next generation of Ford small truck will be lighter duty ride. If we look about the shape of the exhaust pipes, diesel engines might power this car. The 2015 Ford F100 will be powerful truck.

Ford stopped the Ranger small truck last year, saying the enhanced fuel effectiveness and close costing of the much better than F150 made the Ranger truck outmoded. However, the buzzes have continued that it could be back at the section soon. In additional, this other possibilities might come for the new 2015 Ford F100. Is it right? Let us wait for a while and see what will happen in Ford decision next year. However, the marketing manager stated that Ford would launch some types of affordable pickups.

2015 Ford F100: The plan for Pricing

It may be true that the 2015 Ford F100 will really come in the auto market. What the manager said is not just some prediction or nothing, but it is a sign that this new F100 will face us soon. The market or customers are still existed for a low rate or affordable truck that having great capability and fuel efficiency. Those characteristics are a must in this modern time.

How is about the next pricing? Because it is predicted has looks close to Ford F150, its price will start from $24,500 without discounts. With this rate, it may become a popular as an affordable pick up, especially in USA. Besides it will be cheap, the next F100 is expected to have higher tech inside and more enhanced looks. Hopefully, it will come soon and ready for us, the 2015 Ford F100.

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