2008 BMW M3 Review Sport Sedans


The 2008 BMW M3 is available as a sport coupe, retractable hardtop convertible or sedan. Based on the compact 3 Series, the high-performance 2008 BMW M3 comes in a single trim level. Special to allow BMW’s entry into the German Touring Car Championship, the M3’s popularity and steadily increasing sales for each iteration motivated the company to continue developing this unique combination of driving dynamics, comfort and luxury in a compact machine and offer a new version. A new, comprehensive electronic management system coordinates all engine functions with optimum efficiency and maximizes operational integration with the clutch, gearbox, steering and brakes. In addition, the engine control unit performs a wide range of on-board diagnosis functions and masterminds the ancillary engine units.

2008 BMW M3 review

2008 BMW M3 Engine

The heart of the new 2008 BMW M3 is its 4.0-liter V-8, which kicks out 414 horsepower through a delightful six-speed manual transmission. This tarted-up 3-Series coupe (a sedan is also offered) will claw its way to 60 mph in only 4.8 seconds, and rushes to a 155-mph top speed. And the increased performance with better economy comes from the lightweight engine. At 445 pounds, it is seven percent or 33 pounds lighter than the previous model's Inline-6. Lightweight components do not stop with the alloy engine block. The 2008 BMW M3 crankcase is made of a special aluminum-silicon alloy eliminating the need for cylinder liners. Offering extremely fast and responsive valve timing, this technology reduces charge cycle losses and improves the output, torque and response of the engine, with a positive influence on fuel economy and emission management.

2008 BMW M3 engine

2008 BMW M3 Interior

The interior of the 2008 BMW M3 has always been a place designed for performance driving, but without compromising the comfort of the driver and the passengers. The new 2008 BMW M3 Sedan continues this tradition with the latest innovations. The five seats are surrounded by powerful contours and flowing lines highlighting in particular the concave and convex surfaces. The horizontal lines dominating the area around the dashboard as well as the harmonious surfaces of the side linings give the interior a dynamic note.

2008 BMW M3 interior

The convertible's leather seats feature Sun-Reflective Technology, which keeps the seats from getting scorching hot when the top is down. The optional navigation system is unfortunately bundled with BMW's unintuitive iDrive multifunction controller. Without it, the M3's control layout is fairly straightforward and well-marked. However, there is still the annoying process for shutting off the climate control.

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